• Verity Touch Writer

Ballot Marking for Everyone

Touch Writer is a paper ballot marking device that offers the best of both worlds – an easy-to-use interface for voters and the auditability of a traditional paper ballot. 

Easy for every voter

Verity Touch Writer provides true equality of access, with a fresh, intuitive, 12-inch touchscreen interface based on EAC/AIGA Design for Democracy standards. Paired with a Hart-integrated COTS printer, Touch Writer produces identical full-sized paper ballots for all voters – no segregated ballots – and includes adjustable audio and contrast settings and compatibility with “sip-and-puff” and other adaptive controls.

Easy for poll workers and election managers

The compact, light-weight Touch Writer is easy to store, transport and set up, and it accommodates limitless ballot styles. Ballots are printed as needed, so there are always enough ballots – and no wasted ones.

Easy to deploy and maintain

Verity Touch Writer is exceptionally easy to deploy and maintain. Election staff follow simple, plain-language onscreen instructions for quick startup and shutdown, and perform simple maintenance tasks themselves.

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