Electronic Poll Book

The modern and redefined solution

The Hart ePollBook, powered by Scytl, streamlines the election process while ensuring security and accuracy.

Get Connected

Centralized management supports the most in-demand election functions

Load poll books wirelessly from a central command center via a secure network connection. Monitor the health of polling place devices with a birds eye view of every device throughout the entire election. Manage and react to long wait times and ballot inventory issues using customizable dashboards.

"We’re demanding to have the ePollBook if we work the election! It just makes everything so easy."

Jones County, TX, Poll Worker - age 60

Hardware Agnostic

No proprietary devices

Mix and match hardware as you see fit

Operating on the hardware platform you choose allows for incremental upgrades. Unlike other electronic poll books, hardware may be used for purposes beyond elections.

Easy to Use

Color and contrast of each screen and text size makes the interface user friendly

Intuitive user experience enables poll workers to quickly and accurately verify voters. Behind the scenes, user prompts and election rules are configurable, so keeping up with legislation changes is simple and fast.

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  • No matter your voting type – from a single precinct scanner to a statewide hybrid setting – Hart can tailor a solution to your needs
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