Electronic Poll Book

The Evolution of Powerful Voter Check-in

The Hart ePollBook empowers poll workers to quickly and accurately locate a voter's record, confirm the voter's status and update voting activity.


Reduce Election Support Calls

Empower poll workers to efficiently accomplish voter look-up

Resolve voter status issues and assist ‘lost voters’ without a single call to the elections office. Voters who have moved, first time voters, absentee voters - all exception handling is built into the state specific ePollBook workflow.

"We’re demanding to have the ePollBook if we work the election! It just makes everything so easy."

Jones County, TX, Poll Worker - age 60

Shorten Voter Lines

Enhance voter look-up speed and efficiency

Find voters with a quick scan of a driver’s license or a voter registration card. No more A – L and M – Z lines. Every registered voter’s name is accessible in large easy to read text. Optional electronic signature capture eliminates the need for paper and further cuts down on wait time.

Reduce Training

Step by step prompts lead the poll worker through the check-in process

All State and local regulations are designed into the poll worker interface. Simple ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ questions assure accuracy and consistency when checking in voters. Minimal training is required.

Voting Solutions from Hart

  • No matter your voting type – from a single precinct scanner to a statewide hybrid setting – Hart can tailor a solution to your needs
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