Secure, Trusted, Accurate

Hart offers a fully integrated, digital voting system that blends accessible DRE units, precinct-based paper ballot scanning and central count paper ballot scanning.


Secure mechanisms for ensuring that all ballots cast are authorized by the precinct election judges

Integrated security features

The voting devices include both physical and electronic intrusion detection controls, such as standard election seals. From the embedded, real-time operating system at the polling place to the System’s unique polling place control and management features, the Hart Voting System has been designed for security.


All information managed by the polling place equipment is saved in three physically separate locations

Backup and redundant data storage

Automatic creation of multiple original Cast Vote Records throughout the course of the day eliminates the need to collect votes from each machine upon poll closing, eliminating a potential source of error.

"The biggest strength of Hart is the quality of their personnel."

Tom Bride, Executive Director, City of Peoria, IL


Millions of votes have been accurately cast and counted on the Hart Voting System

Serving more than 20 million voters

Hart’s comprehensive, field-proven voting system addresses every aspect of election management and is easy-to-use by election officials and voters.

Voting Solutions from Hart

Advancing Democracy for Over 100 Years

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