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Our team of trainers, project managers and technical consultants offer all the tools you'll need to conduct flawless elections.

Best Practices

Offered by Hart's experienced project managers, trainers and consultants

We deliver best practices and you help you meet deadlines

From establishing security policies and procedures, to preparing and testing ballots, to mapping out polling place operations, to setting up Election Night reporting, the Best Practices team provides practical, tested techniques to help plan for your next election event.

"Hart has provided us with excellent service, their Help Desk personnel are extremely knowledgeable and our personal contacts respond to our calls immediately."

Sally J. Krisel, Director, Hamilton County, Ohio Board of Elections

Ballot Programming

Experienced ballot layout professionals keep it simple

We provide premier ballot production services to customers nationwide. With millions of ballots programmed annually in thousands of different formats, our commitment to quality and accuracy is unparalleled. Hart offers election programming through our Service Bureau. The Service Bureau works with each county to generate its ballot and provides the requisite devices, as well as a CD containing the election database. The individual county then uses these devices in its voting equipment. This approach eliminates the need for some software and hardware in the supported counties, while reducing recurring costs for training and system maintenance.

Ballot Printing

Hart has printed tens of millions of ballots

Proven quality control process

Whether you have digital files or need our layout services, Hart can print digitally or utilize conventional printing methods. Our end-to-end ballot production services take the headache out of the printing process for you. Each ballot is proofed and we test the printed ballots for scan readiness, ensuring you have the most accurate election results. With Hart, your ballot production needs are taken care of accurately and on time, every time.

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