Integrated Software

Hart’s inclusive election management software features an industry-standard operating system and tools, with maximum flexibility for application enhancement.


Automatic verification and authentication through multiple, independent data paths

Automatic diagnostic checking

Data cannot be altered or changed by unauthorized personnel, because the database structure is proprietary and protected by encrypted passwords, controlled by election officials in each jurisdiction. All data blocks or elements use error-checking techniques to ensure the accuracy of reading and writing digital data.


Complete audit logs are maintained throughout all phases of operation

Auditability through all election phases

All audit reports, audit trail documents, databases, and final reports may be archived in hard copy and/or saved electronically to CD ROM. Also, all data processed by the Hart Voting System is protected by internal measures, which check data processing integrity. These measures ensure the data cannot be altered or changed.


Millions of votes have been accurately cast and counted on the Hart Voting System


Hart’s comprehensive, field-proven applications address every aspect of election management and are easy-to-use by election officials.

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