Paper is Only the Beginning

Hart understands that a trusted marked ballot is only made possible by a managed collection of people and devices delivering integrity and confidence before and after the vote is cast.                                                               

Complete Ballot Solutions

End-to-end expertise

Our paper ballot solutions encompass ballot preparation and printing, precinct scanning, ballot marking devices, central scanning, ballot printing on-demand, and integration services. We believe it’s the most complete offering in the market, and we stake our reputation on every piece of it.

The Digital Difference

Go digital for improved flexibility and transparency

Hart’s 100% digital scanning delivers advantages optical scanning simply can’t match. Digital imaging captures a “picture” of the entire ballot, helping officials clarify voter intent, adjudicate stray markings, and reduce handling of original paper ballots.

High-Tech Ballots

Paper ballot innovation for the 21st century

Hart views a paper ballot as an innovation platform. From scanning technology to specialized barcode applications, high-tech ballots are also supported by remote precinct transmission, automated tabulation, reporting utilities, field services, and on-site technical and functional support.

Voting Solutions from Hart

Advancing Democracy for Over 100 Years