Easy. Versatile. Trustworthy.

Exceptionally easy to use, Verity’s software suite streamlines election management. It’s flexible for how you vote – today and tomorrow. And transparency and security are built in.


The easiest election software you’ll ever use

Maximum efficiency

With Verity’s straightforward interface that’s consistent across all software applications, your team is productive in a hurry.


One-path election management

Streamlined workflow; flexible to fit your needs

Future-ready. Verity software is designed to accommodate the needs of tomorrow – flexible ballot layout, Vote Centers, precinct voting, convenience voting, ranked choice voting and other requirements. So today’s investment pays off for years to come.

"You had me at 'human centered design,' show me what you've got."

Actual Tweets, NIST/EAC Future of Voting Systems Symposium, during Hart’s Presentation, February 26, 2013


Built-in transparency for trusted results

Plain-language information is at your fingertips

Built-in transparency for trusted results. With Verity’s comprehensive audit logging and robust report filters, you can quickly zero in on any user action taken throughout the election process. Plain-language information is at your fingertips. And Verity safeguards your election with the latest security protocols.

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