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Texas customers share their experiences using Verity in the May 6th election.



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The Truth about Verity

The newest. Verity is the only all-new system federally certified by the EAC as a holistic, integrated system built on all-new technology. Other vendors’ “new” systems were certified as much as a decade ago; then updated by cobbling together unrelated devices.

The easiest to use. With consistent, Design for Democracy-based interfaces, plain-language instructions and sleek, modern software not found in other voting systems, Verity makes it easy for voters, election workers and warehouse staff to navigate. With compact, lightweight polling place devices and a collapsible ballot box, we even make it easy to store your voting system and transport it in ordinary vehicles!

The best. Seriously. If you haven’t seen Verity lately, schedule a demo today.



The Truth about Hart

Most Texas-friendly service. Hart’s industry-leading service program for Texas includes professional implementation services, 24/7 expert support and a customer service model that consistently earns the industry’s highest customer satisfaction scores – 97 percent top ratings in our 2016 survey – 100 percent top ratings among customers who came to us from other vendors. Learn more about our Election Day support.

Most cost-effective service. Unlike older systems, Verity requires very little maintenance. Our direct partnership model eliminates the middle man and does away with hidden costs or fees.

The best. Jurisdictions across the U.S. have switched from other vendors and systems to Hart and Verity. Learn why these newest members of the Hart customer family broke away from the status quo and moved in a new direction.

Customer CommentsBREAKING NEWS:

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Here’s what Texas Verity customers have to say after using the system in the recent May 6th election:

“Voters were very impressed with the equipment, and I was impressed with the ease of closing the polls.” –Heather Hawthorne, Chambers County Clerk

“My favorite improvement was the setup time. Taking 5-10 minutes before I can load the equipment in my car and head to the vote center, down from half a day, is a big difference. Election night didn’t change that much, but setup time was drastically different” –Lauren Sullivan, Elections Administrator,Young County

“Programming was my favorite feature. Creating the ballots was awesome. It doesn’t take nearly as long as it did, and it was so easy to fix things. I like the preview ballot. You preview first, and it cuts out extra steps.” –Patricia Barton, Elections Administrator, Medina County

TX Customer Comments


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