COVID-19 and Safe Polling Places

With the heightened concern about virus transmission, Hart is working with each of our customers to ensure voters have access to safe and healthy polling places.  Below we’ve outlined best practices to keep equipment clean, and therefore voters safe, as well as how Hart is working to keep our team members healthy to deliver ongoing support to all customers through these challenging times.

COVID-19 and Clean Voting Equipment

Hart equipment can be wiped down with a clear Isopropyl Alcohol / water based solution using a lint-free wipe.  To clean and sanitize it is best to use a 70/30 or stronger mix solution, 70% alcohol, 30 % water.  This solution is available at most major retailers.  No other ingredients or fragrance based solutions should be used.  To avoid spotting, make certain that equipment screens are wiped dry. Do not leave puddles. Do not wipe or wet paper ballots.  Do not use any other type of ammonia, bleach or detergent-based solutions on Hart equipment, as these may be harmful to the screens or the plastics surrounding the displays.

We encourage our customers to:

  • Wipe polling place devices and booths with a lint-free cloth that has been slightly dampened with 70% or higher clear isopropyl alcohol. Hand alcohol wipes are also fine.  It is best to do this before and after every voter uses the equipment.
  • Provide hand sanitizer at the voter check-in stations.
  • If applicable, It is important to also remind voters NOT to get their paper ballots wet.
  • Use single use, disposable, ear covers for device headphones, and replace them after each voter use.
  • Additionally, poll workers and staff at poll book and laptop workstations should keep their hands clean, wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds regularly, and wipe down voter check-in equipment and surfaces regularly.

For customers who would prefer to hand out a touchscreen stylus to sanitize after each voter use as opposed to cleaning the device after each use, please use a stylus that meets one of the below:

  • Option One: a stylus that has a rubber head (preferred)
  • Option Two: a stylus with hard tip/head and the head should be round and greater than 1mm (.040″ diameter tip)
  • NOTE: Do not use a stylus with a sharp point

For Poll Pad customers using KnowInk poll pad, click here for cleaning instructions.

For customers who use Canon high-speed scanners, click here for cleaning instructions.


Hart Remains Focused on Customer Service

As the impact of COVID-19 increases across the globe, here is what we are doing to ensure continuity of customer service through the coming weeks. We will maintain the level of service that our customers expect from Hart InterCivic, as well as ensure that we keep our people safe.

Our best-in-class Customer Support Center (866-275-4278) and Ballot Production Services teams are fully staffed, trained and will continue to be available to support all our customers managing elections during this uncertain and challenging time. In our office, we are following all prevention best practices from the CDC and we will be making adjustments to work schedules and work locations to minimize the chances for virus exposure to our team members.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will make further operational adjustments as needed.