Election Insights

Properly disposing of old gear is a significant piece of the security puzzle.

The task of protecting the voting infrastructure from cyber threats has taken center stage.

Making a successful case for a new voting system purchase to the budget-minded Judge and Commissioners.


Build a strong security framework with multiple, independent and redundant layers of protection and readiness.

In a time of low turnout for young voters, Yolo County encourages high school students to say YES!

Today, rapidly changing technology and cyber threats have impacted voter confidence to an unprecedented extent.

Denton County Commissioners mandated a switch to 100 percent paper ballots – and the race was on to make the transition.

Student service programs give young people the chance to experience elections first hand.

The process of selecting a new voting system can be intimidating. The five tips are a starting point so you can proceed with confidence.

With these strategies, resources and tips, election leaders can successfully steer the course.

Super heroes on the mock election ballot? Absentee voting on Saturdays? Vote Centers on wheels? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Purchasing a new voting system may feel like a journey into the unknown.

A holistic look at cost helps decision makers get the most value for dollars invested.