At Hart, election security is in our DNA.

Hart is committed to election security and is proud of the role we play in the election technology space. We integrate security into everything we do, into every product we build and into our way of sharing best practices with our customers. Protecting the integrity of elections is a commitment we’ve kept since our founding.

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Hart InterCivic designed our Verity Voting devices to be the most secure election technology in the nation. Similarly, we’ve fortified our internal networks with the latest cyber defense protocols and best practices. However, we know that no system is perfect, and we value input from the research community that may help us improve our security posture. If you believe you’ve discovered a vulnerability that Hart should be aware of, we want to hear from you. Learn more about Hart’s Vulnerability Disclosure policy.


Our customers demand the highest levels of security across all areas of managing their voting systems. They require certification at the federal and state levels prior to purchase, and they test our products prior to each and every election. The federal certification process is an open inspection process, whereby Hart provides all source code for every component of the voting system, and the code undergoes careful review by test laboratories  accredited by both the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP). Hart fully participates in the rigorous testing and certification process to ensure that our customers have every confidence in the integrity and security of Hart voting systems.

Security is People + Process + Procedure + Technology

Together, Hart and our customers share a collective responsibility to protect elections.

Voting system technology is a critical part of election security, and it is not the only safeguard. True election security demands that People are a part of the equation. We train our customers – election officials and staff – in secure and transparent processes to manage their elections. Similarly, election officials and staff adhere to mandated processes, follow documented procedures and are encouraged to maintain crisis management plans.

Hart works closely with our customers to ensure they are fully trained on our voting technology and to facilitate best practices and procedures around secure election operations.

Verity Voting

Hart’s Verity® Voting system represents the most modern and secure voting system available today.

As the only second-generation modern voting system, all hardware and software components are designed to industry-leading standards.  Verity has passed multiple federal and state certifications and has never failed.

Verity supports all methods of voting, including electronic, paper-based and hybrid solutions. Our primary goal is to listen to and understand our customers’ needs and work diligently to provide solutions that work for them. We take a voting-agnostic approach – Verity supports every jurisdiction’s preferred voting method – from in-person polling places to convenience voting, which includes early voting and vote centers, and by-mail voting.

Verity is an air-gapped system and is not connected to other elements of the election system. Data such as voter registration data, pollbooks and election night reporting systems are never directly connected to Verity. The illustration that follows reinforces Verity air-gap protection:

All voting system solutions from Hart deliver best-of-breed security, auditability, performance and reliability, and give our customers complete confidence in their election results.


Hart is actively engaged in the nationwide conversation on election security. We are connected with a broad community of stakeholders actively participating in knowledge sharing, best practice sharing and discussions on the latest election security technology and procedures. Some examples include:

Department of Homeland Security – Hart is a founding member of the DHS Sector Coordinating Council, a formalized group of industry representatives who together act as a voice on election cybersecurity. In coordination with the DHS Government Coordinating Council, Hart participates in identifying potential security risks and implementing measures to eliminate those risks.

Election Assistance Commission – Hart meets regularly with the EAC and actively participates in industry-wide initiatives.

National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine – As one of only two manufacturers to appear at the meeting of the NASEM Committee on Science, Technology and Law on the Future of Voting (Denver, Dec. 8, 2017), Hart actively participates in the conversation on technology innovation to safeguard elections.

Election Center – Hart leadership serves on the Security Committee with the Election Center, participating in national conversations about cybersecurity at conferences that include a diverse array of election stakeholders (state and county officials; election administrators; technology and security experts).

National Association of Secretaries of State – Hart regularly exhibits our technology at NASS events, engages in conferences, attends substantive sessions on election topics – including security – and produces a bi-annual white paper submission.

National Association of State Election Directors – Hart regularly exhibits our technology at NASED events and attends election security sessions.

Together with our customers, Hart will continue to protect the integrity of voting and elections with modern, secure voting innovations.