Efficient Processes
Intuitive Devices
Equal access
Secure Voting

Verity Electronic Voting Solution

Verity Controller

Centralized poll management

Verity Touch

Touchscreen ballot marking

Efficient Error Proofing

Verity Controller delivers unmatched time savings. The centralized poll management system reduces poll worker touch points with the ability to program 1 master device for every 12 individual voting devices. This minimizes opportunities for human error and ensures your elections are set up accurately and quickly.

Streamlined Processes

Verity controller simplifies poll worker tasks. Automated ballot management ensures fast and accurate check in for voters and reduces poll worker tasks. Poll workers have complete visibility to any issues in the polling place

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Verity Controller
Verity Touch

Confident Voting

Verity Touch’s intuitive navigation and plain-language instructions make marking accurate choices quick and easy. Voters can change the language, text size, and screen contrast at any time during the voting process without poll worker assistance.

Easy Electronic Ballots

Verity Touch handles thousands of electronic ballot styles - even provisional ballots are electronic. Touch eliminates voter intent issues associated with hand marked paper.

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Verity is Designed for Everyone

Verity technology is equipped with a full suite of accessibility features to ensure every voter has the ability to vote privately and independently.

Flexible Inputs}

Flexible Inputs

Audio ballots}

Audio ballots

Braille Guides}

Braille Guides

Adjustable Interface}

Adjustable Interface

Hart thanks the many advocacy groups who support us in always enhancing the accessibility of our voting technology, especially the National Federation of the Blind, Coalition of Texas with Disabilities, ADAPT Texas, and Austin Lighthouse/Travis Association for the Blind.

How to Vote on Verity Touch

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Harris County Chooses Hart

Harris County has selected Verity's Hybrid Solution for their next generation voting system

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Securing the Paper Trail

Changing voting methods means changing processes

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