Tennessee Certifies Hart InterCivic Election System Enhancements

Verity 2.4 Boosts Voting By- Mail Capacity, Expands Security Features

NASHVILLE, Tennessee– The Secretary of State’s office has certified the latest release of  Hart InterCivic’s Verity® Voting system, the most secure election technology available. These timely improvements increase the system’s capacity to count large volumes of ballots quickly and securely, a critical feature for jurisdictions expecting more by- mail voting this election season.

“We are thrilled to deliver this additional by- mail functionality to our Tennessee customers at a time when they need it most ” said Julie Mathis, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic, an Austin-based company with more than 100 years of experience providing election solutions.

“Of course, security remains at the forefront whenever Hart makes updates. This Verity release enhances existing user access and whitelisting features,” she said. “Our dedication to trustworthy elections means we constantly fine-tune and expand security features to reflect the latest technology and best practices.”

Verity 2.4 is ready for immediate delivery in Tennessee and is available for purchase from Harp Enterprises, an exclusive reseller for Hart election solutions in Tennessee and several nearby states.

Federally certified in February, the newly available version of Verity supports additional printers and scanners to handle more ballots. It also allows more users for Verity Central, a high-speed, central ballot scanning system developed for high volume vote processing.

In addition to updates related to volume and security, this version of Verity includes user friendly adjustments requested by poll workers and election supervisors to improve workflow. Other improvements increase efficiencies related to election preparation, vote counting, and audits.

Verity is increasingly the system of choice as counties across the U.S. prepare for November elections. In Tennessee, it has already been used for smooth elections in counties across the state.

Mathis expects Tennessee’s certification to open doors to more jurisdictions looking to upgrade their aging voting systems with a flexible system designed to respond to changing needs for years to come.

“Verity is built for the future and our customer-centric approach makes it the best choice for forward-looking jurisdictions. By listening to our election partners, we provide the most trustworthy, efficient election system to support democracy today – and tomorrow,” she said.

Tennessee Certifies Hart InterCivic Election System Enhancements
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Tennessee Certifies Hart InterCivic Election System Enhancements