High-speed ballot scanning technology

Verity Central is a high-speed scanning and resolution solution for centralized vote capture and transparent resolution of voter intent issues.  Featuring best-in-industry onscreen adjudication, ballots scan accurately every time with a complete record of all resolution decisions captured in an audit log.

By-Mail Voting
On-screen adjudication

Digital scanning enables easy, on-screen adjudication of ballot images. There is no need to outstack and re-scan ballots. All voter intent issues are resolved onscreen with clear color-coded flags and can be filtered by batch, contest, or intent issue. And when ballots are resolved within the software, there are no extra ballots to print and every step that was taken to resolve a ballot is tracked, so you know what, when, and who was involved in that adjudication process. That’s real transparency.

Scan without tabulating

Verity Central only captures votes – it does not tabulate them. Tabulation takes place later in the Verity Count application. This means that ballot scanning can take place days, or even weeks, before Election Day, speeding results reporting on Election Night.

Scalable networked workstations

Verity Central workstations can be linked in a network configuration, providing scalability and efficiency. When every workstation can serve as a scanning station, resolution station, or ballot-writing station, it’s easy to scale up or down to meet the current workload. Since all tasks can occur simultaneously, dedicated workstations can constantly scan while the networked clients take care of resolution. On the other hand, if it’s a slower day, batches of unresolved ballots can be adjudicated and new ballots scanned all via a single workstation.

By-Mail Voting