Truly paperless voting with centralized management

Verity Touch is an intuitive touchscreen direct record electronic (DRE) voting device. Verity Touch sets new standards for ease of use for voters, poll workers, and election managers.

Electronic Voting
Streamlined management of paperless elections

With Verity Controller, you can connect up to 12 Verity Touch units in a Hart patented daisy-chain configuration and manage them all from a central console. Set up and open polls in minutes, and close polls on all devices at once. Monitor the status of every unit. Report totals in just one step, and print results fast at the polling place. All ballots are electronic – even provisional ballots – so there are no separate ballots to manage. And because cast vote records are stored in three physically separate locations, you can be sure data is secure.

Ease and efficiency

Easy management of hundreds of ballot styles. Flexible setup for best traffic flow in the polling place.

Confident voting

Intuitive navigation and plain-language instructions make marking accurate choices quick and easy. Flexible settings for voter ease - the voter can change the language, text size and screen contrast at any time during the voting process.

Electronic Voting