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Modern, secure voting with true transparency
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Choose trust, transparency and transition-readiness. Certified to California’s latest standards, only Verity provides a full-faced ballot, advanced security features like whitelisting, and versatility to transition as your needs evolve. Efficient central scanning and small-footprint solutions for the vote center or precinct mean there’s a Verity configuration that fits the way your county votes.
High-speed scanning/resolution

Verity provides a flexible, intuitive workflow for high-speed, centralized vote capture and transparent resolution of voter intent issues. Scanning and resolution are separate from tabulation, so you can begin scanning voted ballots as soon as they are returned. Configure workgroups as needed to optimize workflow, and flex capacity as ballot volume evolves.

Paper Ballot
Hand-marked paper ballot

Hart’s budget-friendly pure-paper voting solution optimizes voter confidence. Voters mark paper ballots by hand or with ADA-compliant ballot marking device. Scanning accurately captures voter choices for tabulation. For multi-precinct voting, eliminate the guesswork of preprinted ballots with on-demand ballot printing that can automatically assign the right ballot to each voter.



Defense-in-depth architecture and powerful auditing features make elections secure and transparent.

With modern, intuitive election management software, optimal by-mail processing and user-friendly in-person devices, Verity reduces the volume of technology needed to run your elections, eases the burden of managing the process and simplifies tabulation and post-election audits to ensure secure, accurate and transparent election night results.




Configure Verity for all the ways your voters cast their ballots.

Verity is the best choice to serve California voters. It supports SB 450 options for how, when and where voters cast their ballots, with paper ballot configurations for voting by-mail and in-person at voting centers or in the precinct. The modern, robust Verity platform is designed to adapt as California’s election landscape evolves.




Verity is easy – easy to learn, use, store, transport, set up and maintain.

When we created Verity, we evaluated the way people interact with our systems and implemented forward-looking standards for ease-of-use across all elements of the design. With a consistent, plain language interface across all components, compact, lightweight polling place devices, and nearly maintenance-free hardware, Verity is easy to live with over its long lifecycle.


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Lake County, CA

“Our long-term satisfaction with Hart and their experience in California and other states makes us very confident in adopting Verity’s ahead-of-the-curve technology.”
- Carol Huchingson, County Administrative Officer, Interim Registrar of Voters

Yolo County, CA

“Verity gives us the ability to create a paper ballot for every voter, not the vote summary that other vendors offer. Verity provides a true paper ballot, which is the best auditing trail possible.”
- Jesse Salinas, Assessor/Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters

Solano County, CA

“Our goal was to best serve our voters, now and for years down the road. Verity delivered what other systems could not.”
- John Gardner, Assistant Registrar of Voters

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