Verity is certified and ready for New Jersey
The modern, secure voting system.
Verity - made for all the ways New Jersey votes.
Verity Voting is certified. The holistic platform integrates every step in the election process – from election definition and ballot production to vote capture to tabulation to reporting to post-election audits.
New Jersey
High-speed scanning/resolution

Verity provides a flexible, intuitive workflow for high-speed, centralized vote capture and transparent resolution of voter intent issues. Scanning and resolution are separate from tabulation, so you can begin scanning voted ballots as soon as they are returned. Configure workgroups as needed to optimize workflow, and flex capacity as ballot volume evolves.

New Jersey
Paper Ballot
Hand-marked paper ballot

Hart’s budget-friendly pure-paper voting solution optimizes voter confidence. Voters mark paper ballots by hand or with ADA-compliant ballot marking device. Scanning accurately captures voter choices for tabulation. For multi-precinct voting, eliminate the guesswork of preprinted ballots with on-demand ballot printing that can automatically assign the right ballot to each voter.

New Jersey
Touchscreen with paper

Hybrid voting combines the ease of touchscreen voting with the assurance of voter-verifiable paper vote records. Hart’s unique centralized controller model streamlines polling place management and reduces warehouse labor to a fraction. Only Verity prints voter choices in human-readable text on full-sized, commercially available stock to scan for accurate vote capture.

New Jersey


A strong framework tested to today’s strictest security and auditing standards

  • End-to-end multi-layer security strategy across all software and hardware elements
  • Never connected to the internet or any other outside network
  • Redundant data storage
  • Two-factor, role-based authentication to access critical functions
  • Rigorous post-election audits


New Jersey


One system for any kind of election with the versatile Verity platform

  • Choose only the components needed – and scale as needs change
  • In-person paper and hybrid voting in precincts and vote centers; by-mail voting
  • Common hardware platform future-proofs investment
  • Flexible, tailored configurations support optimum workflows


New Jersey


Forward-looking ease-of-use across all elements of the design

  • Easy to learn and use with a consistent, plain language interface across all components
  • Design for Democracy templates for intuitive navigation
  • Modern, intuitive software
  • Compact, lightweight polling place devices simplify storage, transport and set up
  • Practically maintenance-free
New Jersey

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Field Sales Director

New Jersey
Clark County, WA

“Hart’s knowledge and expertise with by-mail voting are evident. The features that contributed to our choosing Verity reflect that long experience. The company is clearly committed to providing systems that are highly functional and usable. It’s gratifying to see that Verity incorporates improvements we’ve suggested over the years. We see that Hart has been listening.”
- Greg Kimsey, County Auditor

Ramsey County, MN

“Verity allows us to run our voting system operations non-networked. In the present security environment, that's a real plus. The strength of this system is its security features.”
- Joe Mansky, Election Manager

Hildago County, TX

"When I looked for a company that could lead us as we step into the future,
Hart was that company."
- Yvonne Ramon, Election Administrator

New Jersey