How does Hart manage Supply Chain and Manufacturing Security?

Protecting the integrity of elections is at the core of everything we do.  That means securing our supply chain and manufacturing operations is a responsibility we take seriously. Our efforts include protection of our manufacturing operations, assessment of points of origination of all components of our products, safe-handling protocols, tracking of inventory, secure container locks and tags for products in transit, and monitoring of both external and internal risks to technology and data. We use only trusted partners in our manufacturing supply chain and ensure that our supply chain is fully mapped, controlled and monitored from design through final delivery of a device.

That being said, you might still have some questions about our voting technology.  Read on to learn more.

Where are Hart products made?
How do you choose who makes your products?
Where do your parts come from?
How do you evaluate your suppliers?
How do you manage your suppliers?
What about parts like computer chips, motherboards etc.?
What happens if something changes or goes wrong?


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