Poll Pad electronic poll book

A proven solution for seamless voter check-in and verification 

  • Simple, speedy setup and training
  • Streamlined voter lookup and check-in
  • Electronic voter sign-in

The Poll Pad was developed in 2011 by election officials and poll workers with time-saving, efficient features: check in pre-registered voters in seconds, streamlined voter lookup, no more printed election rosters, because the voter signs electronically.

Compact and completely portable, the Poll Pad requires no external wires or peripherals when in use. Users simply connect the iPad to its cradle, plug in the printer, and the Poll Pad is ready for voter sign-in. Its long-life battery eliminates the need for frequent charging, and the internal iPad camera replaces an external ID scanner. Voters sign in on the unit, so no external signature pad is needed.

Poll Pads are deployed and monitored from a single console for one-stop main office oversight. The ePulse Central Command dashboard allows administrators to monitor the number of check-ins, percent turnout, active polling places, Poll Pads deployed or unplugged and even which batteries are running low. It provides real-time access to Early Voting and Election Day reports, as well as post-election voter history and reports.

Elections can be defined and built independently through the ePulse Central Command module. Once the election is built, all you need is an internet connection to load the files to the Poll Pads. Additional features include poll worker management and messaging out to the one or all of the Poll Pads.

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Hart InterCivic partners with KNOWiNK for the Poll Pad electronic pollbook solution.