The new Verity Duo hybrid
Secure the future of your elections
Secure and auditable, Verity protects every step in the election process – from election definition and ballot production to vote capture to tabulation to reporting to post-election audits. Verity – made for all the ways Texas votes.

It’s official! Verity Duo is Texas certified. The new Verity Duo hybrid configuration – touchscreen ballot marking with a paper trail. >> more

Paper Ballot
Hand-marked paper ballot

Hart’s budget-friendly pure-paper voting solution optimizes voter confidence. Voters mark paper ballots by hand or with ADA-compliant ballot marking device. Scanning accurately captures voter choices for tabulation. For multi-precinct voting, eliminate the guesswork of preprinted ballots with on-demand ballot printing that can automatically assign the right ballot to each voter.

Touchscreen with paper

Hybrid voting combines the ease of touchscreen voting with the assurance of voter-verifiable paper vote records. Hart’s unique centralized controller model streamlines polling place management and reduces warehouse labor to a fraction. Only Verity prints voter choices in human-readable text on full-sized, commercially available stock to scan for accurate vote capture.

Touchscreen DRE
Electronic Voting

Marking accurate choices is quick and easy with Verity’s intuitive navigation and plain-language instructions. ADA-compliant features deliver independent access for all voters. Ideal for vote centers, Verity’s direct record electronic (DRE) configuration streamlines electronic voting with its unique centralized controller model, providing faster results reporting.



A strong framework tested to today’s strictest security and auditing standards.

  • End-to-end multi-layer security strategy across all software and hardware elements
  • Never connected to the internet or any other outside network
  • Redundant data storage
  • Two-factor, role-based authentication to access critical functions
  • Rigorous post-election audits


Choose only the components needed – and scale as needs change.

  • Hybrid voting in precincts and vote centers; by-mail voting
  • Common, convertible hardware platform future-proofs investment
  • Flexible, tailored configurations support optimum workflows


Forward-looking ease-of-use across all elements of the design.

  • Easy to learn and use with a consistent, plain language interface across all components
  • Design for Democracy templates for intuitive navigation
  • Modern, intuitive software
  • Compact, lightweight polling place devices simplify storage, transport and setup
  • Practically maintenance-free

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Galveston County, TX

"Make sure you check out the options out there, and feel comfortable with your choice. We found out that Hart has the best product for us, and we made the commitment to get it right. We’ll have Verity for a very long time."
- Ernest Murrie, Chief Deputy of Elections

Denton County, TX

"Denton County wanted to stay with a trusted partner. We rely on Hart to provide a level of service I don’t believe we’d find with another vendor."
- Frank Phillips, Elections Administrator

Hidalgo County, TX

"I’ve been Elections Administrator for almost nine years. I’m not accustomed to the level of service we’re already receiving from Hart. I was immediately impressed by the degree to which Hart is there for their customers. They don’t shy away from issues or concerns; they stand right beside us."
- Yvonne Ramón, Elections Administrator