Professional Services

When you need extra help due to limited time and resources, choose from the individual service offerings below or call

Ongoing Support

Take advantage of the Hart Customer Support Center to get help with a specific question. Check out our Ongoing Support page or call

Hardware and Accessories

Keep your voting systems updated to ensure efficiencies and no downtime during elections. Visit our Supplies and Order Forms page or call 800-223-4278

            Hart designed our voting solutions for ease of use,                 offering cost-effective maintenance that any jurisdiction can address independently.

However, jurisdictions are sometimes short on time and resources. If you would like help with ongoing maintenance or preparing for your next election, choose a service option that best meets your need and call our sales team to discuss pricing and next steps, 800-223-4278.

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Hart Individual Professional Service Offerings

Choose one or more service options to ensure your elections run smoothly.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance for Hart voting systems performed regularly, onsite.

Equipment Readiness

Maintenance performed on site prior to every election or as needed.


Do-it-yourself software upgrades are free. However, Hart offers on-site Verity voting system upgrades performed by a systems expert when you need help.

Extended Warranty

Extends the original warranty on Hart manufactured equipment.

On-site Training

Tailored training by a subject matter expert for election staff on write-ins, navigating new procedures, polling place preparation, or any other election business need.

Election Day On-site Services

Personalized on-site support can be purchased for any election event including testing, early voting, or Election Day.


(Logic and Accuracy
Ballot Service)

Receive ready-to-import, ready-to-print ballot files that are compliant with state requirements.

Call for pricing and next steps 800-223-4278

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Ethical Researchers and Penetration Testing

Ensuring confidence in the voting system.

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5 Steps to Foster Trust in Elections

Evidenced-based elections create confidence.

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Testing Before the Vote

Best practices for verifying the integrity of your election.

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