Building and Managing Your Elections

Verity’s sophisticated and intuitive software makes election management more efficient for local officials. Verity accommodates flexible ballot layout, ranked choice voting, and more. All equipped with comprehensive audit logging and the latest security protocols for total trust in your election.


Verity Data makes it easy to manage all the data that goes into every election. With customizable ballot templates and a modern graphical interface, ballot layout is quick and easy.


You save time because you can re-use polling location names and other repeated data from previous elections, and you can import data from outside sources.

Flexible Inputs

Verity Data includes live voice recording for easy audio creation.


Verity Build lets you create your election once for all components. Program, proof and print your own ballots. No vendor help is needed.

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Deploy your election with the election type, ballot sizes, device settings, and more in one easy step.

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Efficient Proofing

Clear onscreen images let you preview ballots by precinct style and make corrections in real time.

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Automated Tasks

With Verity Build's import of test deck marking patterns, staff no longer spend hours or days hand-marking ballots for logic and accuracy testing.

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Verity Count’s Election Dashboard shows progress toward completion in real time on Election Night. The power to decide when and how to display, combine, or group results is in your hands.

Easy Adjudication

Verity Count displays an image of each write-in for quick and accurate resolution. Get to results faster with batch assignment and resolution.


You can network Verity Count workstations for faster tabulation. Have multiple team members adjudicating write-ins at once.


Access exactly the cast vote record you need with Verity Count's auditing dashboard and endless, customizable filters.

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