Meet Hart

Working side-by-side with election professionals for more than 100 years, Hart is committed to helping advance democracy one election at a time. Hart’s mission fuels our passionate customer focus and a continuous drive for technological innovation. The result is Verity® – truly different election technology. Reimagined from the inside out, Verity Voting promises to provide jurisdictions with a future-proof investment in secure, transparent voting.

Unmatched Experience

An election is a high-stakes endeavor. Hart’s years of dedication to ensuring the sanctity of the vote means we are a knowledgeable partner in the trenches right alongside our customers. We've parlayed our decades of experience into a wide range of products, services, and support to deliver the best customer experience possible.

We Care

Our customers—including some of the largest jurisdictions in the U.S.—tend to stay with us. Our unique commitment to exceptional service is recognized year after year in our annual customer satisfaction survey.


A Step Above Secure

Security is not a feature set. It is a mindset that must be embraced at every level of an organization. For Hart, this has translated into a unique “Defense in Depth” security approach across all aspects of our company and product offerings.

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Elections Reimagined

With Verity, we re-imagined how technology can best serve the election process. Listening to state and local election officials, advocacy groups and recognized experts, we built Verity for usability, adaptability and transparency. In the ever-changing landscape of elections, it pays to partner with an innovator.

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Leading the Way

Whether delivering ballots from a horse-drawn cart, delivering the first modern voting machines to the market, or introducing our next generation, all-new Verity Voting system, one constant is Hart’s unwavering commitment to innovation and improving elections for voters, poll workers, and elections staff alike.

Our regional offices span coast to coast to provide the best service to our customers

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Post Election Audits

Routine, transparent and paper-backed processes support voter trust.

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Securing the Paper Trail

Paper-trail voting is only as secure as the management practices that support it.

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Defending the Castle

Protecting your elections with Defense in Depth.

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