Streamlined Scanning

Verity Central is a high-speed scanning solution for centralized vote capture. Managing by-mail ballots is simple with easy onscreen adjudication. Ballots scan accurately every time with a complete record of all resolution decisions captured in an audit log for end-to-end transparency.

Scalable Set-Up

Choose the right number of scanners and workstations for your jurisdiction’s size and budget. With options for multiple, networked scanning stations connected to a central server, you can cost-effectively add capacity as needed.

Flexible Workflow

Central enables total flexibility in workflows and task management. Each workstation operates independently. Have some team members scanning while others adjudicate. No need to interrupt or stall one process to accommodate another.

No Wait Scanning

Verity Central scans without tabulating, so you can start scanning weeks before polls close on Election Day. No more late nights at the scanner.

Easy Adjudication

Verity Central provides contest-by-contest resolution for all voter intent issues with clear, color-coded flags and easy-to-understand instructions.


With endless image filters, you can easily locate exactly the ballot images you want. Plain-language processing notes clearly show exactly how voter selections are recorded.

No Extra Work

Manage your batches seamlessly. No outstacking or rescanning required. Scan multiple precinct styles and/or multiple languages in the same batch, in any orientation.

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