Automated Voter Check-In
Easy Ballot Marking
Equal Access
Secure scanning

Verity Paper Voting Solution

Verity Print

On-demand ballot printing

Verity Touch Writer

Accessible ballot marking

Verity Scan

Secure vote capture

Get the right ballot. Everytime.

Verity Print is a low-cost ballot printing option with no click charges. Print eliminates the hassle of estimating quantities for your polling place. Automated ballot management ensures voters get the right ballot every time.

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Verity Print with AutoBallot
Verity Touch Writer

Flexibility for All

Verity Touch Writer is equipped with a full range of accessibility features to ensure every voter can vote privately, and independently.

Truly Equal

Verity Touch Writer produces an identical full-sized paper ballots for all voters. No segregated ballots.

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Simple Scanning

Verity Scan is a digital scanning solution for paper ballots. Clear instructions and alerts ensure second-chance voting is straightforward. Step-by-step onscreen instructions make startup and shutdown quick and easy for poll workers.

Complete Auditability

Verity Scan ensures reliable audits of voter intent and enables fast recounts with digital capture of scanned ballots. Voting data and audit logs are stored in redundant, physically separate locations.

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Verity Scan

Verity is Designed for Everyone

Verity technology is equipped with a full suite of accessibility features to ensure every voter has the ability to vote privately and independently.

Flexible Inputs}

Flexible Inputs

Audio ballots}

Audio ballots

Braille Guides}

Braille Guides

Adjustable Interface}

Adjustable Interface

Hart thanks the many advocacy groups who support us in always enhancing the accessibility of our voting technology, especially the National Federation of the Blind, Coalition of Texas with Disabilities, ADAPT Texas, and Austin Lighthouse/Travis Association for the Blind.

Save more...everything



Spend less time fixing mistakes with automated ballot management.



Skip the click charges and extra fees. Verity’s paper solution saves you money.



Verity’s paper solution eliminates waste with on demand printing.

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