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What is Verity?

Verity is a comprehensive election technology solution designed to make the lives of election administrators, poll workers, and voters easier - and more secure.


Is Verity easy to use?

Yes, in third party testing, Verity scores higher on voter confidence, voter accuracy, and voter satisfaction.

Is Verity secure?

Yes, Verity has more security features than any other election technology on the market. Learn more.

What makes Verity different?

Verity is designed as an ecosystem. Everything is designed to work together. No legacy software or hardware - updates and upgrades are seamless. Verity evolves with your needs.

Do people like Verity?

Yes, in a recent survey, 80% of customers who switched from another vendor found Verity to be a better product.

Which Verity is right for you?

Paper Paper

Voters use a pen to mark a paper ballot which is scanned for digital vote capture

Hybrid Hybrid

Hybrid voting combines the ease of touchscreen voting with the assurance of voter-verifiable paper trail

By mail By mail

Absentee and by mail ballots are easy to manage with scalable, efficient central scanning