How to Clean Your Equipment

Pick one: Clear Isopropyl alcohol (70% or less) and a soft, lint-free cloth, or alcohol wipes (70% or less). Both can be found at most major retailers.
Get started: Wipe down surfaces with one of the above options (and ONLY one of the above). Wipe Screens dry.

Additional Tips

  • Provide hand sanitizer at polling place exit
  • Use disposable ear covers for headphones
  • Remind voters not to get paper ballots wet
  • Wipe down poll worker stations frequently
  • Remind poll workers to wash their hands regularly
  • Do not use ammonia, bleach, or other detergent based cleaners on your devices

Stylus Recommendations

For customers who would prefer to hand out a touchscreen stylus to sanitize after each voter use, please use a stylus that meets one of the below:

  • Option One: A stylus that has a rubber head
  • Option Two: A stylus with a round, hard tip larger than a pencil point (> 1mm)
  • Note: Do not use a stylus with a sharp point
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How is Hart Staying Safe?

In our office, we are following all prevention best practices from the CDC and have made adjustments to work schedules and work locations to minimize the chances for virus exposure to our team members.

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Our Customer Support Center and Ballot Production teams are fully staffed, trained, ready to support all our customers during this challenging time.


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