Do voting systems have modern security features and technology?
What are Verity's software security features?
What are Verity's physical security features?
Are Hart products connected to the internet?
Is Hart technology a voting system or an election system?
What products does Hart NOT make?

Supply Chain

Where are Hart products made?
How do you choose who makes your products?
Where do your parts come from?
How do you evaluate your suppliers?
How do you manage your suppliers?
What about parts like computer chips, motherboards etc.?
What happens if something changes or goes wrong?


Does Hart have to get it's voting technology approved?
Do federal and state certification officials look at security?
Are Hart systems independently validated beyond EAC and state certification officials?
How do federal and state certification requirements keep our elections secure?


Is security important to Hart?
How can people help secure elections beyond technology?
Is Hart involved with any election security initiatives?
What organizations work with Hart and other election technology vendors to keep our elections safe?

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