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Texas-friendly service. Hart’s service program for Texas includes the industry’s highest customer satisfaction scores. 100 percent top ratings among customers who came to us from other vendors.

Hassle-free service. Unlike older systems, Verity requires very little maintenance with no hidden costs or fees.

The best. Counties across Texas have switched from other vendors and systems to Hart. The newest members of the Hart customer family broke away from the status quo and moved in a new direction.

“We had so many issues with ES&S; calibration was a nightmare. It’s been smooth sailing since we switched to Hart. The Hart system saves time and anguish, and everything about it is easier. Even our poll workers love it. Hart is very responsive to our needs. Every time we call, we get a quick response. Moving to Hart has been the best thing since instant gravy. ” — Carolyn Guidry, County Clerk, Jefferson County

 Here’s what Texas Verity customers have to say after using the system in their election:

Verity Customer Testimonals

“Switching to a new voting system and a new vendor feels like learning a foreign language – there are a lot of changes. Hart was with us every step of the way. Voters were very impressed with the equipment, and I was impressed with the ease of closing the polls.” –Heather Hawthorne, Chambers County Clerk

“My favorite improvement was the setup time. Taking 5-10 minutes before I can load the equipment in my car and head to the vote center, down from half a day, is a big difference. Election night didn’t change that much, but setup time was drastically different” –Lauren Sullivan, Elections Administrator, Young County

“I’ve been an Elections Administrator for almost nine years. I’m not accustomed to the level of service we’re already receiving from Hart. I was immediately impressed by the degree to which Hart is there for their customers. They don’t shy away from issues or concerns; they stand right beside us.” — Yvonne Ramón, Elections Administrator, Hidalgo County

What would you tell other counties that are considering switching to Hart?

“They can’t go wrong. We’ve been with Hart since ’05 and customer service always delivers. They have grown and gotten even better over the years. They are a really good vendor. Not only for us, but I have seen what they have done for other counties.” — Roxzine Stinson, Lubbock County

What advice do you have for other counties who are considering purchasing Verity?

“The counties like to share feedback and I’ve had two or three calls this morning to ask how election night went. They are in talks with Hart and want some insight. I tell them how much I like Hart. There is not a lot I would change with the equipment. The process is quick and there are fewer pieces to worry with. It all comes down to customer service. Hart has been here for days helping us get ready. They helped me feel confident and I could confidently train my folks. Hart has been so supportive during our long transition. They’ve worked hard to find solutions that are the best for the county and the company. There has never been a time when I called with a question and didn’t get a response. I like Verity. Elections can be hectic and its efficiency helps me do my job.” — Lauren Sullivan, Young County


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