3 Virginia Cities Switch to Paper Ballots with Verity Voting

CHESAPEAKE, Virginia, Sept. 14 – The Virginia cities of Chesapeake, Alexandria and Falls Church are the latest to purchase the new Verity® Voting system from Hart InterCivic. Each of these cities has an established relationship with Hart, and choosing Verity’s paper ballot technology was a natural progression. Working with a trusted vendor will help the cities efficiently meet Virginia laws requiring paper ballots.

“We have history in Virginia and understand the changes that have been mandated across the Commonwealth,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic. “Many localities have already moved to Verity. We are working closely with our newest Verity adopters to transition smoothly to the system. They’ve made the best choice.”

Officials in each of the three upgrading cities chose the innovative Verity Scan digital scanning device, allowing voters to scan their paper ballots in the polling place, and the accessible Verity Touch Writer ballot marking device. The two devices share the same secure, compact hardware platform as well as an easy-to-use interface.

Alexandria and Falls Church chose Verity Build’s user-friendly interface to format ballots and predefine elections, while Chesapeake will contract with Hart for ballot production services.

Tabulation will be handled in each jurisdiction by Verity Count, secure, easy-to-use software that tallies and reports cast vote records from Verity voting devices.

Verity’s portable, briefcase style and collapsible ballot box simplify transport, setup and storage. Many election managers see reductions in delivery trips and transport costs.

These Verity purchases build on more than a decade of professional election partnerships between Hart and Virginia localities.  With more than 100 years of election experience, Hart is known for top-rated customer service and flexible innovation.

“Hart’s expertise in the change management methods needed to transition to new voting technology are paying off as upgrades roll out across Virginia,” said Braithwaite. “We welcome Chesapeake, Alexandria and Falls Church and expect more announcements soon.”

For more information on the Verity Voting system, please visit www.hartintercivic.com/verityoverview.

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