Voting Systems, QA Test Technician



The Test Technician will assist with the test effort for Hart Voting systems and execute tests under the supervision and direction of an Engineer. Primary job duties include following tasks:


  • Scanning of ballots (volume scanning of ballots)
  • Voting on audio and electronic ballots
  • Ballot printing and ballot inspections
  • Creating and reading of election media devices using computer applications
  • Logging and reporting of test results in spreadsheets using MS Excel
  • Assisting with creating of elections and entering large amount of data into the various computer applications
  • Observing and providing detailed feedback on the errors encountered during the testing of the system
  • Working closely and communicating effectively with the members of the engineering team
  • Assisting with other miscellaneous tasks related to testing


  • Must have the basic computer and email skills
  • Ability to use a Touch screen
  • Basic knowledge of MS Excel
  • Must have a strong attention to detail
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • High school graduate or high school diploma

To Apply:

Email your resume and cover letter to Hart InterCivic Jobs.

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