Medina County’s Long-Range Plan Lands Most Advanced Voting System

HONDO, Texas, January 10, 2017 – Thanks to forward-looking Medina County Commissioners and the guidance of Elections Administrator Patricia Barton, Medina County voters will be using the most advanced voting system certified for elections in the U.S. when they cast ballots in May 2017.

“I am so excited that we are bringing a new age of election technology to Medina County,” Barton said. “Verity is such a user-friendly system. I tell voters it will be like going from a rotary-dial phone to an iPhone. They are eager, too.”

The Verity® Voting system from Hart InterCivic, recently certified by the Texas Secretary of State’s office, has passed rigorous testing at the state and federal levels. This all-new electronic voting system will replace Medina County’s 11-year-old equipment.

“A few voters are nervous about change, but I explain to them that using Verity is as easy as their phones. Want larger type? Push a button. Want the ballot in Spanish? Push a button,” Barton said.

Medina County began setting aside funds to replace their system after the Texas Secretary of State’s office advised jurisdictions in 2013 that federal money would not be available for replacement systems. Proactive planning meant that Medina could sign up for the new Verity system as soon as it was available in Texas.

Hart representatives will be in the county beginning next week to prepare for the switch from older Hart equipment. A decade-long partnership with a trusted provider is an advantage for Medina County leaders and voters.

“Hart has made this upgrade so simple,” Barton added. “They are even taking the old machines off our hands so we don’t have to store them.”

“We have worked with Medina County officials since 2005, and we value their trust in our customer service and new technology,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic. “Now that they have made the transition to Vote Centers for the convenience of their voters, the best choice for them is Verity Touch.”

Verity Touch is the only all-new direct-recording electronic (DRE) device on the market that complies with current federal and state guidelines. Medina County officials chose Verity for the labor savings and easy training for poll workers and voters. Staying with Hart was a factor as well.

“Hart is absolutely amazing. I can make a phone call and describe an issue in layman’s terms, and I get a solution that I can follow,” Barton said.

While the Verity touchscreen is bigger and easier to read than the screen Medina voters used previously, the complete system weighs less. Its portable, briefcase style simplifies transport, setup and storage, another consideration that was important to Medina County officials.

The lightweight touchscreen tablet also makes is easier for poll workers to serve all voters, regardless of accessibility needs. All connections handled by the workers are modern, simple and durable.

Verity Voting was first certified by the federal Election Assistance Commission in May 2015, and jurisdictions in eight states have now adopted the system. The version certified in Texas this month was designed to meet the needs of longtime and new Texas customers. Hart provides voting system solutions for 111 Texas counties, and the number is growing. The company has headquarters in Austin and more than 100 years of history in the election business.

Braithwaite anticipates more Verity announcements from Texas counties in the coming weeks.

Learn more about Verity in Texas:

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