Texas Secretary of State Issues Statement Confirming Proper Operation of Hart eSlate Voting Machines

Today the Texas Secretary of State, Rolando Pablos, issued a very clear and unambiguous statement confirming that the Hart eSlate voting device continues to work properly in early voting. Several highlights from the Secretary’s statement:

  • “It is important for all voters in the 82 Texas counties utilizing the Hart InterCivic eSlate to understand that the voting machines are not malfunctioning, nor are they arbitrarily “switching” the choices of voters who cast a straight-party ballot.”
  • “Moreover, the Secretary of State’s office has observed a disturbing trend where misinformation is being spread regarding the scale and the impact of these reported instances. This has the potential consequence of raising unnecessary alarm about the integrity of Texas’ voting systems and discouraging eligible Texas voters from casting their ballots.”
  • “No one is more committed to ensuring the integrity of Texas’ elections than the statewide and local officials who are responsible for administering those elections. The Secretary of State’s office has worked diligently to foster an environment of trust and confidence which can unfortunately be eroded by misinformation, false narratives, and bad-faith accusations.”
  • “Each eligible Texas voter heading to the polls during this final week of Early Voting and on Election Day can rest assured that their vote will be cast and counted exactly as they intended.”
  • “I hereby ask all Texans to pass along this message to their friends, neighbors, and families in order to help stop the rampant dissemination of misinformation, which is unduly causing great consternation for Texas voters and eroding trust in our election system.”

You can read the Secretary’s entire statement here: https://www.sos.texas.gov/about/newsreleases/2018/102718.shtml

Hart proudly stands behind our voting systems and our customers. We are focused on continuing to provide the industry’s best customer service and support as Local and State Election Officials do the hard work of managing the 2018 election cycle.

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