Verity – the most modern voting system available today.

Modern, secure, sophisticated software design supports every element of election management from data imports, ballot definition, vote capture, vote tabulation, results reporting and post-election audits. An intuitive voter interface makes the voting process easy. A full suite of accessibility features supports all voters’ ability to cast an independent, private ballot. Flexible and secure hardware components ensure election integrity and support any type of election.

Easy – Designed with humans in mind, Verity is intuitive and easy for voters and election officials to use.

Versatile – Verity’s uniquely flexible hardware and software approach means the system adapts as your needs change. Verity supports in-person paper voting, in-person electronic voting, vote centers, and by-mail voting.

Trustworthy – Verity incorporates the very latest software and hardware security features to ensure the integrity of the vote. Just a few of the many security methods used by Verity includes dual-layer authentication, software whitelisting, access restriction to external ports, and physical intrusion detection, Comprehensive, plain-language logs and reports support the latest post-election audit methodologies, provide true transparency and result in stakeholder confidence.

The easiest election software you will ever use.

Common look and feel – Verity software suite is holistic and integrated.

Long-lasting ROI – Verity software is designed for today’s – and tomorrow’s – election needs.

Versatile “one path” election management – With Verity, you create the election just once for all voting methods and devices – Election Day, early voting, central scanning, vote centers or other scenarios – no workarounds, no duplicated effort.

Verity Data – makes it easy to manage all the data that goes into every election.


• Easy, quick ballot layout

• Efficient data management

• Flexible audio ballot production

Verity Build – build your election once for all components, for any voting type. Program, proof and print your own ballots; no vendor help is needed.

• Plain language, easy interface – get up to speed fast

• Quick, accurate ballot and data proofing

Verity Central – next generation digital technology with the most efficient workflow to manage large quantities of paper ballots; the easiest onscreen adjudication; auditing features like you’ve never seen before.

• No presorting, outstacking or rescanning of ballots

• Cost-effective scalability to meet the needs of any size jurisdiction


Verity Count – intuitive, easy to read dashboards with flexible, configurable reporting.

• At-a-glance Election Night status monitoring

• Efficient adjudication of write-ins

• Easily add additional Verity Count workstations to expand speed and capacity

• Robust post-election auditing

There is a Verity configuration for you.

All Verity components are based on a single integrated platform, providing user-friendly end-to-end election management for all voting types.

Choose only the components you need – and scale as your needs change. With built-in flexibility, Verity is the only system on the market that enables paper-based and electronic voting options on a common hardware platform for a lower total cost of ownership.

Verity Scan

Verity Scan

Digital Ballot Scanning

Verity Touch Writer

Verity Touch Writer

Accessible Ballot Marking

Verity Print

Verity Print

On-demand Ballot Printing

Verity Touch

Verity Touch

All-electronic (DRE) voting

Verity Controller

Verity Controller

Centralized DRE Management

Verity Duo

Hybrid voting


Verity Central Scalable high-speed scanning

Verity Central

Scalable high-speed scanning