Voting Technology Firms Team with Department of Homeland Security to Prepare for 2020 Elections

As a founding member of the Election Industry Sector Coordinating Council, Hart InterCivic is proud to be part of a broad-scoped effort – which combines the resources of federal-level security agencies and election officials and private sector election technology companies – to help ensure secure, smooth-running elections in 2020. Please read this joint statement for more information.

Washington DC – January 21, 2020
With the 2020 Presidential election quickly approaching, the nation’s leading election technology providers are teaming with the Department of Homeland Security to help prepare for the upcoming election cycle. The newly formed Elections Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) consists of over thirty firms responsible for developing, deploying, protecting and defending our nation’s critical voting infrastructure. SCC members provide key components to the functioning and security of elections, such as voter registration, tabulation, electronic poll books, election night results reporting, ballot printing and online balloting.

With support and sponsorship of the Department of Homeland Security and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), SCC members work in collaboration with state and local elections authorities to plan, prepare and share vital information critical to the conduct of elections. The SCC meets throughout the year to share and exchange information critical to maintaining the security and integrity of technologies that power the nation’s voting and elections systems.

In a joint statement, the SCC Executive Committee stated, “The Sector Coordinating Council would like to assure the public that the SCC is working collectively to cooperate, share and exchange information with DHS and the nation’s intelligence community to ensure the integrity and security of our nation’s critical voting infrastructure.”

SCC Executive Committee
Chris Wlachin, SCC Chair (ES&S)
Bryan Finney, Vice-Chair (Democracy Live)
Kay Stimson, (Dominion Voting Systems)
Ericka Haas, (ERIC)
Edwin Smith, (Smartmatic)

In January 2017, DHS designated Elections as Critical Infrastructure.  By law, Critical Infrastructure sectors must set up a Government Coordinating Council and a Sector Coordinating Council, among other requirements. The Government Coordinating Council for Election Infrastructure comprises representatives from federal, state, and local governments who oversee elections.  The Sector Coordinating Council comprises private entities that develop and deploy portions of the elections infrastructure of the United States.  Each Council develops and executes plans for the improvement of the operation and security of election infrastructure through education, communication, coordination, and capacity building.
For further information about the SCC please contact:

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