Innovative Verity Voting Now Available for Michigan Upgrades

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 25 – Hart InterCivic’s innovative Verity Voting System is now available as a replacement for aging election equipment in Michigan.

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson Tuesday authorized spending and set an August 2018 deadline for Michigan jurisdictions to replace election equipment. Hart’s Verity is the most advanced system approved for purchase in the state, and the all-new system is customized to meet Michigan’s requirements.

“Hart would like to thank the State Bureau of Elections and the Joint Evaluation Committee for their diligence and foresight in enabling a much-needed election technology refresh for Michigan’s 83 counties,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic. “Jurisdictions throughout the U.S. are due to invest in their election infrastructure. With this initiative, Michigan emerges as a leader in the nation.”

“Verity brings a fresh approach to Michigan, and we are ready to hit the ground running,” Braithwaite added.  “The new system can be in place within months of a county’s decision, and we encourage swift action. Verity is the voting system of choice for jurisdictions across the country, and 100 percent of customers who switched from another vendor gave Hart’s service the highest satisfaction rating in 2016. We are eager to show Michigan voters an easier, more trustworthy experience.”

Verity’s advantages for Michigan include:

  • All-new technology designed for cost-effective versatility to meet changing customer needs, demonstrated by third federal certification in less than two years
  • Best-in-industry security protocols, including encryption, two-factor authentication and redundant data storage to safeguard the sanctity of the vote
  • Cost-saving system and support approach, with compact, lightweight polling place devices that save on storage and transportation costs, a robust design that eliminates the need for costly vendor maintenance and Hart’s vendor-direct model that does away with hidden fees
  • Easiest to use system for voters and election officials with plain-language instructions and consistently user-friendly software and hardware design

·    “Verity is the right choice for Michigan. Let’s get started,” said Braithwaite from the company’s Austin headquarters. “We are proud of our history of innovation and strong commitment to meeting our customers’ needs.”

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