County Officials in Kentucky Praise Verity Voting Performance

Officials in two Kentucky counties credit their recent adoption of Verity® Voting, the most modern, secure election technology available, for seamless November elections despite the heaviest voter turnout since 2014.

County clerks in Marshall and Trimble counties gave high marks to the flexible Verity system from Hart InterCivic and praised customer service from Harp Enterprises, an exclusive reseller for Hart election solutions in Kentucky and several nearby states. Marshall and Trimble counties are the first in Kentucky to adopt Verity’s paper ballot option, although other jurisdictions are expected to move forward with the system.

“We had no problems. All precincts reported sooner than ever,” said Trimble County Clerk Tina Browning, who has served the County for 25 years. “Verity is so easy to use; we just love it. Closing out at the end of Election Day is a cinch – we like the security and ease of use. We appreciate knowing the system is never connected to the internet.”

“Verity is superior to anything else on the market,” she added.

Trimble County first used Verity in May, and both elections were great, Browning said. “Our constituents found the scanner to be completely intuitive to use. The lighted arrows – we call them ‘landing lights’ – show voters exactly where the ballot goes for scanning.”

“We were thrilled to be the first in Kentucky to purchase Verity, and we’re proud to be a Hart InterCivic county,” she said.

“One factor for us when deciding to purchase Verity is how easy it is for a person with disabilities to vote independently,” she said. “We have a 16-year-old Braille champion in Trimble County. I can’t wait for him to be old enough to vote on this system!”

In Marshall County, a destructive warehouse fire in early 2018 prompted an expedited switch to Verity to replace burned equipment before spring voting. County Clerk Tim York credits Harp’s training and support for a smooth transition. “They do a great job. Harp takes the importance of elections to heart.”

York also praised Verity’s modern and transparent features. “I trust them with security improvements. Verity’s error handling is much better – more specific instructions for voters – much simpler. For example, if a voter selects too many options for a race, the system tells them exactly what the error was and what to do next.”

York, who has been County Clerk since 2010, expects Verity to serve his voters reliably for many years. “The Verity equipment is sturdy, and the polling place devices come in lockable cases. Plus, the battery backup gives us the peace of mind of knowing our constituents can keep voting if a precinct loses power.”

As for other jurisdictions considering a switch to Verity, York has advice. “Act now. Verity is built for the future, and it’s a significant improvement over older technology. Your job will be easier, and your voters will be happier. You can’t beat the customer service either.”

“We are proud to hear glowing feedback like this from Kentucky’s first Verity users. Their words are proof of confidence in great technology that leaves aging equipment in the dust,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic. “We value our strong heritage in Kentucky through our partner, Harp Enterprises, and we salute smooth elections in the Commonwealth for many years to come.”

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