Millions Vote on Hart InterCivic Technology in General Election

Austin, Texas, Nov. 16, 2016 – Voters in hundreds of cities and counties across 17 states cast their ballots in the 2016 General Election using voting systems from Hart InterCivic.

“In an election year with unprecedented voter interest, election officials and their staffs across the nation have worked tirelessly for many months to ensure that the systems, materials, trained poll workers and all else needed are in place so that voters experience a successful General Election. Hart is proud to provide reliable technology and services that facilitate the election process and protect the sanctity of the vote,” said Hart InterCivic President and CEO Phillip Braithwaite.

A pioneer in innovative election technology, Hart first introduced the legacy Hart Voting System in 2000. Hart’s newer Verity Voting system was first introduced to the market in 2015. Verity builds on the earlier system’s ground-breaking digital technology and incorporates the latest security protocols, robust user interfaces and numerous other updates in a freshly conceived, integrated system that meets modern federal and state certification demands.

“For more than 100 years,” Braithwaite added, “Hart has provided solutions that make election administration more efficient and effective. Our culture is centered on an absolute commitment to customer service. On an Election Night such as this historic one, our commitment pays off as we see customers posting accurate, auditable results.”

The November 2016 election was Verity’s first Presidential Election. Used in jurisdictions across five states, the system passed the test with flying colors, as evidenced by comments from Hart customers.

“We always have a successful election with Hart equipment; we’ve never had a hiccup with a machine. I’ve been happy with Hart from Day One. I think it’s beneficial to have a concentration of counties with the same vendor, so I supported my neighboring counties in choosing Hart and Verity by providing positive recommendations of both. For this General Election, three counties pooled resources for on-site Election Day support, which worked very well. We used a DRE voting system in the past, and our voters were excited to receive paper ballots for this election. They liked how quickly the scanner takes the ballot, reads both sides at once and displays the waving flag once they cast their vote. Our election officers are really happy with the machines, too. Once they set the unit up, they just press one button to turn it on.” – Kelly LaFollette, General Registrar, Essex County, Virginia

“In Ada County, our focus is to provide all voters the opportunity to vote with confidence and ease, knowing their choices are recorded accurately. Voters liked the new system, and the equipment functioned properly throughout the election. With more than 200,000 voters participating, the system’s ability to handle a large volume of ballots efficiently allowed us to provide final results as quickly as possible.” – Phil McGrane, Chief Deputy, Clerk’s Office, Ada County, Idaho

With the 2016 Presidential Election behind them, many Hart customers are eager to make the shift to Verity, as the following quote describes.

“We’ve been with Hart since 2005, and we trust our voting system completely. This election couldn’t have gone any smoother; we didn’t have a lot of questions about the equipment or long lines. We were home before 10 on Election Night! We plan on moving to Hart’s Verity system because it’s time for a newer system. We’re excited about Verity’s touch screens; first-time voters are more familiar with touch screens. Also, the lighter-weight equipment will be easier for our election judges to manage. We’re ready to move forward.” – Laurie Mangum, Joint Elections Administrator, Eastland County, Texas

Braithwaite concluded, “We are geared up to meet the demand for Verity and to assist jurisdictions across the country in modernizing their voting technology.”

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