Madison County Switches to Verity for Paper Balloting

Hart InterCivic Known for Customer Support

MADISON, Virginia, Sept. 27 – With the clock ticking on choosing and installing a new paper-based voting system in less than two months, Madison County officials turned to the Verity® Voting system by Hart InterCivic to be ready for the Nov. 7 election.

Earlier this month, the Virginia State Board of Elections mandated that all counties switch to paper ballots for the gubernatorial election. Verity was a logical choice for moving forward in Madison County. Known as a secure, voter-friendly system, Verity meets all standards set by the Commonwealth. With a 15-year history serving counties in Virginia, Hart has a well-earned reputation for superior customer support.

“Hart will ease Madison County through this transition. We are positioned to move rapidly to assist them and other counties responding to the new Virginia timeline,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic. “We are rolling out upgrades across Virginia and welcome Madison County to the Verity family.”

The only all-new paper-based digital scanning system now certified for use in Virginia, Verity technology introduces the innovative Verity Scan, which allows voters to scan their paper ballots in the polling place, and the accessible Verity Touch Writer ballot marking device. The two devices share the same secure, compact hardware platform.

Verity’s portable, briefcase style and collapsible ballot box simplify transport, setup and storage, a priority in Madison County.

Madison joins a growing number of Virginia localities to leave other vendors for Verity and Hart, a longtime election solution provider in the Commonwealth with more than 100 years of election experience.

Braithwaite expects more announcements in Virginia soon.

Madison County Switches to Verity for Paper Balloting
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Madison County Switches to Verity for Paper Balloting