No votes in barcodes. Or QR codes. 100% voter verifiability.

Verity Duo is a ballot marking device that tabulates votes from human-verifiable information, not a black box barcode or QR code.

A union of touchscreen technology with scanning of printed, verifiable records, Verity Duo is a premier voting system for early voting and vote centers.  As part of Hart’s Verity family of modern, secure voting systems, Verity Duo delivers the most intuitive touchscreen voting experience and provides the simplicity and reassurance of a printer, paper vote record to support risk limiting audits.

Inspire voter confidence with best-in-class security measures and a 100% voter-verifiable paper vote record.

  • Voter-friendly electronic voter interface
  • Easy-to-read, anonymous printed vote records
  • ADA-compliant accessible interfaces

Election officials and poll workers benefit from the most up-to-date and user-friendly platform for managing secure and successful elections.

  • Unique controller model for centralized management of daisy-chained voting devices
  • Well-suited for Early Voting and Vote Centers
  • Greatly reduced pre-election configuration
  • Commercially available thermal paper for printed vote records
  • Secure and transparent election management
  • Auditable vote records that protect voter identity
Hybrid Voting
Centralized management - fast and easy

Poll workers open and close polls on all devices all at once and monitor status from a central console. The voter activates the voting session with an access code; no poll worker assistance is needed.

One device to mark and print

With Verity Duo, voters mark choices on a touchscreen and print vote records that clearly show marked voting selections.

Ideally suited for Early Voting and Vote Centers

Duo handles thousands of electronic ballot styles without the complications of pre-printing traditional paper ballots.

Hybrid Voting