Longtime Partners Trust Texas Company for Election Upgrades

AUSTIN, Texas, February 2, 2021 – Election system upgrades are accelerating in Texas with 10 new counties choosing Hart InterCivic’s Verity® Voting system for future elections.

Recent announcements from the Texas-based company include Cass, Cherokee, Delta, Fannin, Grimes, Harrison, Marion, Runnels, Throckmorton and Upshur counties. Hart is a long-time election partner in these jurisdictions and has earned the trust of election officials seeking efficient, reliable transitions.

“Verity was born and bred in Texas, and we are proud of our longtime relationships across the state. Many counties think the time is right for Verity’s secure, paper-trail option and we are here for them,” said Julie Mathis, CEO of Hart InterCivic, a growing election system provider with more than 100 years of experience providing election solutions.

Verity is a versatile election system with state-of-the-art hardware and software designed in Austin and based on input from officials across the state, as well as other election experts nationwide. Customer service, ease of use and efficient design are cited by counties choosing the Verity system.

“You couldn’t ask for better customer service,” said Cass County Clerk Amy Varnell, who has worked with Hart systems and personnel since 1994. “Our voters will have confidence in the paper-ballot system.”

Cass County has chosen a ballot-on-demand option and will begin training this spring. “We are looking forward to training and voting with Verity. Everyone we have ever worked with from Hart is fantastic.”

Fannin County Clerk Tammy Biggar is looking forward to the cost effectiveness and efficiency that Verity will provide her jurisdiction. “The competitor’s system design doesn’t allow me to build my own ballot. That’s a deal-breaker. It adds to our costs for the next 10 years. I want control, not an ongoing programming expense.”

Rapidly growing Fannin County chose Verity Duo, a hybrid voting device that combines a touchscreen with a paper vote record available for recounts or audits. The printed ballot can be checked by voters before they feed it into a scanner that reads choices, not a barcode.

Biggar also cited Hart’s integrity and commitment to customers in her county’s choice. “I know our reps face-to-face, and everyone at Hart wants me to have a good election. I once called someone who was already in bed! No problem, I got the help I needed on Election night.”

“This system is simple to understand and we’ve already started training,” she said, also praising Hart’s YouTube videos as extra support in preparation for their May election.

More Texas announcements are expected soon, Mathis said.

“Our Texas partners want the most up-to-date, secure voting technology available and they deserve the most responsive customer service. We deliver both.”

“There is no better choice for Texas voters than Verity,” she said.

For more information about the Verity Voting system, please visit https://www.hartintercivic.com/better-elections/

Media Contact:

Steven Sockwell