Verity Voting by Hart InterCivic Gains Ground in Virginia

LEXINGTON, Virginia, April 4 – Replacing their aging election equipment, two Virginia jurisdictions have taken delivery of the new Verity® Voting system by Hart InterCivic. Floyd County and the City of Lexington chose Verity for its flexible and forward-looking technology. Hart project managers are working with both jurisdictions to prepare for implementing the system.

“With state-of-the art paper ballot technology, Verity has been a natural choice for many election officials responding to new state regulations in Virginia,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic.

Virginia lawmakers directed localities to choose paper ballot systems as they replace aging equipment. Verity is certified both federally and by Virginia’s State Board of Elections, and the system’s paper ballot technology has set new standards for ease of use and trust. The system has already contributed to smooth elections across the state, including in Lexington’s home, Rockbridge County.

Both Floyd County and the City of Lexington chose the innovative Verity Scan digital scanning device, allowing voters to scan their paper ballots in the polling place, and the Verity Touch Writer ballot marking device for voters with disabilities. The two devices share the same secure, compact hardware platform as well as an easy-to-use interface. The system’s cost-saving features include its use of non-proprietary ballot stock and its low-maintenance design, which frees jurisdictions to perform the simple tasks needed without paying maintenance fees.

“These Verity purchases build on more than a decade of election partnerships between Hart and Virginia localities,” said Braithwaite. “We now work with 16 jurisdictions in Virginia, and we are in tune with local needs. Our collaboration with existing users helped us tailor the Verity solution for Virginia.”

“Hart’s 100-plus years of election experience and our expertise in the change management methods needed to transition to new voting technology are paying off as upgrades roll out across Virginia. We welcome Floyd County and Lexington to the growing Verity family and look forward to serving them for many years.”

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