Verity Voting Delivers Successful November Elections

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 14, 2017 – Verity Voting, the secure, innovative and easy-to-use election system by Hart InterCivic, earned strong praise from locales pleased with last week’s election process. Efficient, trouble-free November votes reinforced that Verity, the most up-to-date voting technology available in the U.S., is the right choice for forward-looking jurisdictions acting now to replace older systems.

Officials in jurisdictions representing millions of voters chose Verity to support their preferred voting scenarios – from mail-in ballots in Oregon to touchscreens at Vote Centers in Texas to paper ballots securely scanned at precincts in Michigan. Verity’s integrated suite of hardware and software supports paper or electronic voting and is designed from the ground up to be easy to tailor to local election needs.

For some, the Nov. 7 election was their first use of Verity; others have relied on the system for multiple elections since it was federally certified in May 2015. Election types were varied – General, Municipal, Special – and feedback from voters and election workers was consistently positive.

“We heard again and again that voters love how easy Verity is to use. The public was impressed by quick, secure results. Some counties trimmed hours off tabulation times,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic, an Austin-based company with more than 100 years of election experience.

“Administrators praised streamlined setup while poll workers were happy with easy-to-learn improvements,” he added, noting that Verity is gaining momentum with every Election Day. “Smart administrators are rolling new purchases out now to lay solid groundwork for larger elections in the 2018 cycle.”

In Ottawa County, Michigan, County Clerk Justin Roebuck praised the security of Hart’s innovative  remote transmission solution and the speed at which information came in from his county’s 29 precincts. Roebuck had so much confidence in Verity that his staff live-streamed the vote report.

“Our citizens want to see transparency, and this was a great way to show results coming in by secure modem and to explain again that our results do not pass through the internet or even networked computers. We were so pleased to be able to show voters such rapid results.”

Michigan votes on paper ballots, feeding ballots into the Verity Scan digital scanning device at the polling place. Results are transmitted over a secure line to headquarters. “Our polls close at 8 p.m., and we had 99 percent of the county reporting by 8:20. That’s unheard of with our former system,” Roebuck said. By November 2018, more than 100 precincts in Michigan will be voting with Hart’s Verity.

Hart congratulates these early Verity adopters on their successful elections.

“These innovators are leading the way for other states, counties and cities looking to replace aging systems and enjoy the reliability that Verity ensures for years to come,” said Braithwaite.

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