Latest Electronic Voting Technology Passes Rigorous Texas Certification

AUSTIN, Texas, December 16, 2016 – The Texas Secretary of State announced today that it certified the newest release of the Verity® Voting system from Hart InterCivic. More than half of Texas counties vote electronically, and this latest Texas certification of Verity clears the way for election officials to begin upgrading electronic voting systems with state-of-the-art hardware and software that is tailored to the way Texas votes.

“Verity was born and raised in Texas, and we are proud to reach this certification milestone on our home turf,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic, an Austin-based company with more than 100 years of election experience in Texas and across the nation.

“Many of our election partners in Texas rely on electronic voting. We designed this version of Verity with their input. The system is particularly well suited to the growing number of accessible, user-friendly and convenient Vote Centers and Early Voting options in the state. Dozens of Texas counties are lined up to take Verity for a test drive. We anticipate new commitments soon,” Braithwaite added.

Unlike other direct record electronic (DRE) voting systems, Verity uses a centralized approach to setting up and managing individual voting devices. A single console (Verity Controller) monitors and controls as many as 12 terminals connected using a unique “daisy-chain” configuration. This reduces the chance for error and cuts costly, repetitive tasks for elections staff and poll workers.

The system’s easy-to-use touch screen is familiar to voters who have come to expect the latest technology. A lightweight portable tablet allows poll workers to facilitate accommodations for voters with disabilities in a variety of settings.

Additionally, the new Verity AutoBallot option integrates electronic poll books with electronic or paper-based voting. By automatically selecting the proper ballot style based on the check-in process, AutoBallot ensures accuracy and speeds up the voting process to reduce long lines at the polling place.

These features and every other Verity function were carefully vetted during the Texas certification process. Examiners for the state also verified installation procedures, sample ballot scenarios and accessibility. Finally, hearings were held to allow input from the public. Verity has passed test after test.

Combined with the rigors of federal certification by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), Texas’ process assures election stakeholders that the system will deliver trustworthy results on behalf of the state’s voters.

Verity Voting was first certified by the EAC in May 2015 and is already in use in five states, with combined voter registration of more than 1.5 million.

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