More Longtime Hart InterCivic Partners Choose Verity

When Texas voters in Gray, McCulloch and Motley counties go to the polls this Fall, they will be casting their ballots using the most up-to-date, secure election system, Verity® Voting from Texas-based Hart InterCivic.  Hart is a long-time election partner in these jurisdictions and has earned the trust of election officials seeking efficient, reliable transitions.

“There was no question about staying with Hart for our new system,” said Gray County Elections Administrator Randa Hiett. “Their customer service has always been wonderful.”

“I’m looking forward to a smooth transition,” she added. “They always go above and beyond. When I came on board (in 2018) they sent someone to be on the ground with me for my first election. That didn’t have to happen, but it earned my confidence and respect.”

Motley County choose to switch to paper ballots using Verity. “We’re going to have a lot of happy voters. They will love it,” said County and District Clerk Lindsey Aldrich. The change from electronic voting is supported by a grant from the Secretary of State’s office, and Aldrich said that Hart was always the main contender for a new system. “We have such a good relationship with Hart, we never seriously considered another vendor.”

McCulloch County Clerk Christine Jones, who has worked with Hart election systems since 2005, echoed that decision. “We heard from other vendors, but there was never really any competition. Hart customer service has been excellent, even with two minutes notice or after 12 at night. Everyone I talk to is knowledgeable and helpful.”

“We are proud to continue working with these counties, and appreciate relationships that go back at least 15 years,” said Julie Mathis, CEO of Hart InterCivic, an Austin-based company with more than 100 years of experience providing election solutions. “These are smaller counties, but the relationships are genuine. Hart is growing, but no partner is left behind.” Gray has about 12,000 registered voters, while McCulloch counts about 6,000 registered voters and Motley has less than 1,000.

All three counties take delivery of their new Verity equipment in August and will begin training election staff immediately. “We understand that the new process will be smoother and faster, from preparing ballots to closing out on Election Night,” said Aldrich, who has worked with election systems for about four years. “Our workers are excited and anxious to learn.”

Gray County has chosen a touchscreen version of Verity and Hiett expects an easy transition with Hart’s help. “Nobody loves change, but I’m not worried.” She’s impressed by what she’s heard from nearby Randall County which upgraded to Verity in 2017. “Randall loves it. They are a lot bigger, and their opinion means a lot to me.”

McCulloch County will be switching to a paper ballot system and Jones expects voters to be pleased. “It’s easy to use and our citizens want to be able to verify their votes. The paper trail system is the way to go.”

More Texas announcements are pending and Verity is also gaining momentum as the system of choice for counties across the U.S. preparing for the Fall elections. Verity’s uniquely flexible hardware and software approach means the system appeals to forward-looking jurisdictions seeking adaptable solutions. Verity supports in-person paper voting, in-person electronic voting, hybrid voting, vote centers and by-mail voting to respond to individual jurisdiction needs.

“Verity was born and bred in Texas,” Mathis said. “It is a versatile election system with state-of-the-art hardware and software designed in Austin and based on input from officials across the state, as well as other election experts nationwide.”

“There is no better choice for Texas voters than Verity,” she said.

Aldrich agrees. “The support is the best in the world. I can call anytime to talk about our ballots or other needs. They treat me like a friend, not like some unknown customer just paying a bill.”

“Hart lives up to their reputation,” added Jones. “They are trustworthy and their focus on customer satisfaction shows in their willingness to help us at every step. If you are looking for a new system, let Hart know exactly what you want. They can tailor a system to get you there.”

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