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Hart InterCivic Commits to Safe, Secure Elections

March 17, 2020

Long-time election solution provider Hart InterCivic is helping jurisdictions manage efficient and safe elections amid rising concerns about public health. COVID-19 and Safe Voting “The sanctity of democracy depends on…
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Hart InterCivic’s Verity Voting is a Winner

March 9, 2020

  Verity Voting Systems from Hart InterCivic proved reliable and trustworthy across the United States as jurisdictions rolled out the modern paper-trail system for busy March primary elections. “Verity delivered…
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New Voting System, New Democratic Edge in Orange County

March 5, 2020

New Voting System, New Democratic Edge in Orange County By City News Service • Published March 3, 2020 • Updated on March 3, 2020 at 5:58 pm    NBCLA A woman votes in Orange County on Super…
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Testing Before the Vote

Best practices for verifying the integrity of your election.

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Post Election Audits

Routine, transparent and paper-backed processes support voter trust.

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Securing the Paper Trail

Paper-trail voting is only as secure as the management practices that support it.

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