Port Arthur Confident in New Voting System from Hart InterCivic

When forward-looking city officials decided to replace the voting system they have used since 2008, they turned to trusted election partner Hart InterCivic to deliver the best option for taxpayers. The Verity® Voting system, the easiest to use, most secure election technology available, has arrived in Port Arthur. Testing and training are going well.

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“We are in the preliminary stages of working with our new Verity system. My staff, election clerks and I are already seeing the amazing benefits internally and for the voting public,” said Sherri Bellard, City Secretary. “We anticipate very smooth and successful elections with Verity.”

Bellard’s confidence is based on Hart’s record of reliable technology and customer support.

“We have been with Hart since we began holding our elections in 2008. From the very first day Hart held our hands and helped to guide us through that chaotic time. To this day, they still treat us like members of the Hart family,” she said. “We consider ourselves blessed to have been in this partnership with Hart for going on 11 years.”

“The City of Port Arthur is making a wise decision in choosing Verity, and we look forward to supporting their election success for many years to come,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic, an Austin-based company with more than 100 years of experience providing election solutions. “Verity is flexible and trustworthy. It is increasingly the go-to solution across Texas and the U.S.”

Verity is a federally and state certified system designed and built in Texas. More than half of the voters in the State cast their ballots on Hart’s election technology, and Verity is a natural next step for those ready to modernize.

“After ten years, it was time to replace our election equipment. I did not have to consider another vendor because Hart, once again, was on top of their business,” Bellard said.

“The detailed approach their team took to include everything I possibly needed in their BuyBoard [Purchasing Cooperative] contract further confirmed a depth of proficiency that I have come to know as Hart InterCivic,” she added.

Hart has been a long-time trusted solution provider in both Port Arthur and Jefferson County. The company’s top-rated customer support sets it apart from competitors. For the past eight years, more than 90 percent of customers have consistently rated Hart’s customer service as excellent or above average.

“There is no other answer for staying with Hart than their exceptional customer service. This also parlayed into our decision to move forward with Verity,” Bellard said.

The Verity system is built to be user-friendly, and features the electronic voting option Touch, which will replace the city’s first-generation electronic system from Hart. Features of Verity Touch that will improve the experiences of voters and poll workers include: modern and intuitive touchscreen, compact size and light weight of the devices, voter convenience features, and the accessible independence the system provides for voters in a variety of scenarios.

Port Arthur joins a growing number of Texas jurisdictions moving to Verity. Since the Texas Secretary of State certified the latest release of the system in late 2016, Hart has shipped more than 10,000 Verity devices across the State. Federally certified in 2015, the secure and efficient system is also in use in numerous counties throughout the U.S.

Braithwaite expects more Texas and national announcements soon.

Learn more about Verity in Texas:  https://www.hartintercivic.com/texas/

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