Verity Voting Wins Praise for Efficient Elections

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 21, 2017 – The Verity® Voting system, the most up-to-date election technology available in the U.S., is increasingly popular in Texas, where it earned praise from first-time and repeat users across the state following this month’s election. More than half of Texas voters already use technology from Austin-based Hart InterCivic. Hart rolled out the innovative and easy-to-use Verity system in 2015.

Home-grown in Texas and designed with input from election officials across the state, Verity’s integrated suite of hardware and software supports paper or electronic voting and serves jurisdictions choosing Vote Centers or precinct-based polling places.

Election officials debuting Verity Nov. 7 after switching from vendors outside the Hart family praised Hart’s superior customer service throughout their transitions and voting process.

“Hart gave us the training and support that we needed to successfully launch our new Verity equipment. We stayed sane, calm and confident knowing that Hart had our backs every step of the way,” said Melynn Huntley, Potter County Elections Administrator. Potter County, which includes the Amarillo area, chose Verity in August, implemented quickly and voted smoothly last week. “We feel equipped for many successful years under the Hart umbrella,” Huntley added.

This election cycle introduced Hidalgo County voters to Verity as well. “We are elated that the response from our community has been so positive,” said Yvonne Ramón, Elections Administrator.  “We have received numerous calls from voters who are pleased with the new voting equipment. The Verity feature that is most significant to me is the access code that allows voters to obtain their ballots independently, providing the assurance that votes are confidential and secure.”

“We receive consistent feedback that voters appreciate Verity’s intuitive features and up-to-the-minute security measures,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic, a company with more than 100 years of election experience.

“We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all voting solution for Texans. For jurisdictions that want paper ballots, Verity delivers a voter-verifiable paper trail. For those that prefer a DRE, we offer the only system that includes a controller, to vastly increase efficiency in the warehouse and the polling place.”

“We take pride in efficient, secure elections and are eager to help new partners leave the problems of aging systems behind,” Braithwaite said.

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