Verity System Has Flawless Debut in Tennessee Elections

UNION CITY and CAMDEN, Tennessee, Oct. 16, 2018 – Verity® Voting, the most modern, secure election technology available, debuted seamlessly in elections in two Tennessee counties in August. The counties of Obion and Benton gave high marks to the flexible Verity system from Hart InterCivic and praised customer service from Harp Enterprises, an exclusive reseller for Hart election solutions in Tennessee and several nearby states.

“We’ve had no second thoughts. Everything went off without a hitch,” said Obion County Administrator of Elections Leigh Schlager. Obion County replaced a 16-year-old system from another vendor with the new Verity direct record electronic (DRE) option.

“Our voters liked it a lot. They commented that the screen was very bright and clear. Our voters that use wheelchairs found the setup a little easier and at the right height. Poll workers said it was easy to learn, and its compact size made a world of difference. As for me, I loved the reporting software. It is failsafe – to prevent over-counting – and it’s easy to understand.”

“Results were much faster, too,” she added. “Verity cut reporting time in half.”

In Benton County where paper ballots are used, Administrator of Elections Mark Ward was happy with a smooth transition to Verity from an earlier Hart system. “It was great. There were no problems, and our voters barely noticed a change. Of course, we’ve used the Hart paper ballot system since 2009 and never had a voter complaint,” he said. “We’ve been happy since day one.”

Schlager, who has served in Obion County since 2008, credits Harp customer support for the easy switch to a new system. “I have never experienced service like this. I can honestly say ‘better service for less expense.’ Verity came in within budget and within what counties can afford. It’s great to work with a company so experienced in the election world.”

“Another huge plus is that Verity allows us to remain paperless at this time. But its flexible design means we can convert to paper ballots if desired or mandated,” she said. “As good stewards of our county’s money, we have a compliant option without needing to invest in a whole new system if mandates change down the road.”

Ward, in Benton County since 2007, praises customer support and a long relationship with Harp. “Before elections, we talk on a daily basis. You can’t beat customer service from Harp. They bend over backwards to make it easy on us.”

Schlager said they felt some pressure about being one of the first counties in Tennessee to use Verity, but she has no worries after her county’s successful vote. “November? Bring it on!”

Another new Verity partner, Marion County, will debut the Verity Touch DRE (electronic) voting system in November, along with many new users across the U.S.

As for other jurisdictions considering a switch to Verity, Ward has this advice: “We are very confident in Harp and Verity. You owe it to yourself to look at this technology. Your Board will be happy, and you will be too.”

“This Tennessee election is a great example of how Verity allows jurisdictions to make strides forward as they replace aging equipment,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic. “Verity is the newest comprehensive system certified in the U.S. that provides both electronic and paper voting. Obion County chose electronic while Benton County chose paper. Both held successful elections with Verity. We are proud of their success and our strong heritage in Tennessee through our partner, Harp Enterprises.”

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